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  • Ulric Meyerhoff
    Ulric Meyerhoff

    Sorry I was so slow getting back to you @xeraphyna Spent the day with the neighbor&;drove her to doctor, filled her car with gas, got groceries, load the groceries, unload the groceries, load and unload my groceries, took her sewing machine in for repair, called the doctor office for lab results and instructions, made further appointments&;.whew&;.I am bushed I tell you. She needs a lot of help still getting to the car, in and out and you have to keep a hand on her when she is walking&;.I put her in a wheelchair once we got into the office. It really didn&’t help that it was nearly 95 in the shade here today&;I left the 4 big 16 pound bags of cat food and the cat litter in my truck&;it can wait until tomorrow plus a deer jumped out in front of me&;.damn&;missed the little stinker by a hair !!! I am not whining&;.just tired